[INTERVIEW] DopeepBlog meets Jayru

Your Jayru, tell us a bit about yourself
Yeah! Well JayRu is what everybody calls me. But ma real names are Idemudia Abiodun Inneh. Son of a clergyman and I’m from Edo state. Am also a Rapper and a poet

How did you come about the name Jayru
*Laughing* Got the name JayRu from a friend during my U.I days. You know I was more of a spiritual person den. So those days it was actually JayRu da Prophet.

How was growing up like?
I am from the family of 8. 6 girls 2 boys and trust me I grew up in the church. I was a chorister for about 12yrs.

Did your parent ever support you doing music?
At first it was pretty hard. You know a son of a pastor, I try to do ma own kind of music. But now everything is cool. For now, my parents got my back

Which record label are you on?
Nero Records

Tell us some of the challenges you are currently facing.
Well I guess everything is better now. You know its better than when I just got into this game. Now atleast people know the name when they hear it. So the challenges now is just making sure I keep up with the pace at which the industry is moving now and making more good music.

If you weren’t a rapper,what would you be doing?
I would have been into business because trust me when I was little I have always love to do things myself.

Any role model?
In Naija its Fela buh internationally,its Dr Dre.

Apart from Rap, what genre of music do u love?
I’ve gat mad love for soul music

How do you handle your female fans?
*Laughing* Grew up with 6girls. They have always been a part of me. So its no big deal

What should we expect from Jayru in 2013.
Lots of new stuffs and collaborations from artist here in Nigeria and America. Its gonna be crazy.


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